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At Coastline Ink we are dedicated to providing quality work in a friendly and inviting environment. Our services include fineline tattoos, ombre and machine stroke eyebrow tattoos and SMP otherwise known as hair tattoo.

Our attention to detail and positive vibes make us stand out as we prioritise each client's comfort whilst delivering top quality results you're looking for.

Coastline Ink operates to the strictest standards of hygiene and is registered by the local council health department who undertake regular inspections.

Whether you're looking for a cosmetic tattoo or for someone to help guide you through your new tattoo design, our highly skilled team offer free consultations on all services.

Last but not least, we are a sustainable tattoo studio as we prioritise environmentally friendly practices throughout the tattooing process in order to reduce the disposal of waste whenever possible.


3/3-5 Harding Street, Portarlington, City of Greater Geelong, Victoria, 3223, Australia
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