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Arranging finance for your dreams and ambitions....

Here at Kista Finance we say that we are here to help you navigate your finance needs, but what does this mean for you?

With over 30 years of experience in accounting, taxation and business advice, coupled with extensive experience in finance and mortgage broking, we believe that we are very well positioned to work with you to achieve the outcomes you require in terms of securing finance. This includes:

  • home & investment loans;
  • business & commercial finance;
  • vehicle & equipment finance; and
  • other finance services.

This goes well beyond sourcing and securing a loan on your behalf. It also encompasses, but is not limited to:

Support and guidance in managing the complexities of finance. Especially for first home buyers where the complexities were never previously anticipated, but for whom the possible concessions and benefits could be life changing;

  • Consideration of your current and future requirements;
  • Working with you to establish strategies to secure the finance you require, whether that is to occur now or at a future time;
  • Consideration of not only finance costs (as important as this is) but also loan features that provide other benefits;
  • Support in structuring debt to maintain and protect tax deductible debt, and structuring your finance arrangements to maximise opportunities;
  • Consideration of security being utilised and protection of assets/wealth; and
  • Objective assessments of your current situations and recommendations regarding same.

Our role is to apply our expertise to your benefit.


PO Box 346, Portarlington, Vic. 3223
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PBDA Member Special Offer

PBDA Member Offer Title
Complimentary Finance Health Check
PBDA Member Offer Description
PBDA members are welcome to meet with Daniel Clements to assess their finance situation and requirements, including:
- consideration of your finance costs and comparison to market;
- consideration of finance levels/gearing, securities and guarantees and debt structures; or
- consideration of your short, medium or long term goals, and brain storming of strategies to be debt ready.
How To Claim PBDA Member Offer
Email confirming that you are a PBDA member and stating your key objectives for the meeting.

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