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Let Go and Let Life Flow

Our services are tailored to help you meet your community access goals with an emphasis on supporting you to explore more of what lights you up on the inside and frees you up to indulge in relaxation, rejuvenation, and renewal.

We offer built-in Airbnb accommodation for complete respite experiences tailored to the individual to provide much-needed time out.

Our empowerment coaching sessions are fun and creative and are designed to help you get unstuck and get you moving forward in the right direction.

Whatever your mind would like to create we will do our all to facilitate.

We believe that personal empowerment begins with feeling free to just be yourself.

Our ethos is simple - let go and let life flow.

Start your journey with us today by giving us a call at 0468 470 501.

Website: The Key to Be Free

This is the place to find all of our services.


This will take you to the direct booking page (this does not include respite experience stays - please contact 0468 470 501 to explore more)

Vibrosauna - dry sauna/massage relaxation

A sauna and massage capsule that: Relieves pain. Assists in weight loss. Soothes stressPhone 0468 470 501 to make a booking and ask for the 2-for-1 offer.

Podcast: Tiaras Tears and Triumphs

This podcast is a free resource for women who have experienced some form of abuse or have been victimized. It is designed to be a safe space with lots of interviews with people from all over the world, with an emphasis on recovery. The primary message is that your deserve to feel safe, sane, and supported. 


St Leonards, 3223

Public Special Offer

Offer Title
Try 1 & Buy One Special Offer - Vibrosauna Dry Sauna Massage Capsule
Offer Description
This offer entitles new clients to get two Vibrosauna sessions for the price of one session, giving you a FREE SESSION.

Get ready for a new sensation!

The Vibrosauna is a dream machine, allowing you to relax, unwind and rejuvenate simultaneously.

The dry sauna helps eliminate toxins while the massage bed stimulates circulation and relaxes tight muscles.

Note to first-time users of the Vibrosauna:
- If you have medical issues please check with your doctor before using the Vibrosaun.
- the dry sauna temperature is adjustable and within your control to set at a temperature that you like.
- the massage controls are also within your control to adjust to a setting that feels right for you.
- allow extra time for the first session to complete the new client form.
- this special offer only applies to the one-hour session booking option.
How to claim offer
To claim this offer call Sandy on 0468 470 501`

PBDA Member Special Offer

PBDA Member Offer Title
PBDA Directory Make Your Business Shine Online
PBDA Member Offer Description
If you would like some help with creating a graphic for your business to include in the new online business directory I can create something that stands out for all the right reasons.

Logo and special offer for graphics - $50 per graphic.
Special offer concept creation and offer descriptions - $50 per offer.

I am also happy to help write descriptions to help your business shine, prices are negotiable.

And if you need help setting up a link tree to house all your URL links please sing out for some help.

I have lots of experience with digital marketing needs for small businesses.
How To Claim PBDA Member Offer
Call Sandy on 0468 470 501

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